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Enhanced Battery Monitor 0.9.1 (Plasmoid Script)

Sat, 2013/12/28 - 7:30pm
ThumbnailEnhanced Battery Monitor 0.9.1
(Plasmoid Script)
This is the enhanced battery monitor that for now shows the battery\'s remaining time apart from the features in the default plasmoid.

EDIT: This plasmoid is no longer maintained.

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download_opensubtitle 0.4 (KDE Service Menu)

Sat, 2013/12/28 - 11:07am
Thumbnaildownload_opensubtitle 0.4
(KDE Service Menu)
This is a service menu to download subtitles from

just right click on a video file -> actions -> download subtitle, it will show you a list of subtitles select one and it will be downloaded and saved with the same name as the video (with a subtitle extension of course), so your player will detect automatically the subtitle

The search is done extracting a hash from the file, this way you will get the correct subtitle for sure (no more async problems)

thank you to for that great service, hope this will be implemented directly in media players

- To install:
KDE3: Copy download_subtitle.desktop to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus
KDE4: Copy download_subtitle.desktop to ~.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus
Copy to some dir of your path (i.e. ~/bin)

- Dependencies:

The default language is english, you can change it in the python file

Added support for the new OpenSubtitles API - Thanks Nicola Felice!

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plasma Simple System Monitor 0.2 (Plasmoid Script)

Fri, 2013/12/27 - 5:36am
Thumbnailplasma Simple System Monitor 0.2
(Plasmoid Script)
A simple monitor for plasma, completely written in QML amd Javascript.

Only tested in Slackaware

- Temperature range configuration support
- Added support for some AMD porcessors (K7)

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Kawaii Emoji Messenger 0.1 Beta 1 (KDE Web Application)

Wed, 2013/12/25 - 11:47pm
ThumbnailKawaii Emoji Messenger 0.1 Beta 1
(KDE Web Application)
Kawaii Emoji Messenger is a multiplatform Facebook client based on the idea of bringing emoji on desktop.
Through Kawaii Emoji Messenger you can use a full set of emoji in you Facebook conversations, statuses and comments in the easiest way.

Why do Kawaii Emoji Messenger shows me the mobile version of Facebook?
The answer is simple: Facebook does not allow emoji on its web version for browsers. In the other hand, it\'s possible to use emoji on the mobile version of Facebook.

Notice that Kawaii Emoji Messenger is currently in its alpha stage so you could find it a little unstable and incomplete.
With your support Kawaii Emoji Messenger will become more stable in order to give to the user the best user experience.
Moreover it will be enriched with a lot of new features.
If you want to help me you can reporting me bugs, missing features and suggestions.

First beta release

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